In  May 1999 year our astroclub has holded the ten years of his existence.
For this time in club it was constructed by forces of guys and
Edward Georgievich about ten telescopes different optical systems, for example:
optical system Newton;
optical system Shmidt-Kassegrain;
optical system Gregory;
optical system Nesmit.
In April 2000 year restoration of an old German telescope-refractor, German firm
Carl Zeiss Jena, with equatorial mount, which was purchased in Germany in 1909 year on means Irkutsk's dwellers, at last was completed.
In a consequence it has suffered during revolution, the tube and a column were shot by bullets of rifles,
but to fortunately the optics was not break down.
Then it was demounted.
Last years it was kept in the disassembled kind in one of storehouses of Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics.
Restoration began in 1997 year, when Sergey Arkturovich Yazev has allowed to bring all,
that remained from a telescope in club, where there was  in a consequence a restoration, in
which all took part.
At the present moment of time the telescope was restoration and it is on an exposition of our study of local lore museum, where any interested person can look at it.
The additional information about Yazev and a photo of a telescope, collected after restoration in club, can be looked here 3 3 .
John Dobson. Foto Svetlana Potapchuk. Download 1,34 Mb. John Dobson. Foto Svetlana Potapchuk. Download 1,34 Mb. John Dobson. Foto Svetlana Potapchuk. Download 1,34 Mb.
John Dobson. Foto Svetlana Potapchuk. Download 1,41 лА. John Dobson. Foto Svetlana Potapchuk. Download 1,41 лА.
John Dobson. Fotos Svetlana Potapchuk.
August, 29-th, 2002 to Irkutsk there has arrived the American amateur of astronomy John Dobson, - the author crutched, alt-azimuthal mount for telescopes which now carries his name, and the popular man in amateur astronomy. August, 30-th he has visited our club. Where presented the film how quickly to construct a telescope of improvised materials. Then he has acted with a lecture on cosmological theme in Irkutsk's Institute of Solar - Terrestrial Physics. And then has gone to Baikal, namely in village Listvjanka.
The following cities of visiting: - Krasnoyarsk, Kharkov ...

The official sidewalk astronomers organization web site.         The official web site of John Dobson.


In September, 2002 assembly of Shmidt camera was completed, and guys have started photographic supervision of different objects of deep space. An overall objective of the first supervision - definition of opportunities of the given device. Objects for supervision were chosen such, as л1, л27, л31, л33, л39, л42, л44, л45, Hyades, h and χ Perseus, Vega and its vicinities. Some photometric standards for definition of the limiting magnitude fixed by the camera, Pleiades, NGC 752 in Andromeda also were taken. Results of shooting of open star claster NGC 752 in constellation Andromeda have shown, that in a picture received at 15 minutes exposition - in city, by the weakest stars of this photometric standard were worked such as a star at number 22 having magnitude 12,56 m. Shooting was execute with guiding 250 mm a reflector. On this telescope the camera so was fixed, that optical axes of these instruments were almost parallel. Equatorial mount and electronic guiding for object.
Technical parameters of camera Shmidt:
ø   m a i n   m i r r o r   1 6 2 m m;
ø   p l a t e   1 4 0   m m;
relative aperture of the camera "=1/2,84.
Manufacturing of Shmidt camera began in January of 2001 year from a set of optics, which was make Voloskov Maxim. By an autumn to work hi was connected Paul Sirov, and they together with Maxim have made a tube, a cassette part, a ocular unit.

Materials on this theme on a web site of a broadcasting company "AS Baikal TV".
Article with photos and video.         All photos to this article.
Video to this article.
For compression the format was used Windows Media Video.
For playback a file kamera_shmidta-b.wmv can be necessary the program
1364 Kb
1364 Kb

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